Why Doctors like Gosnell Are Horrible for Women

The stories of this monster are grisly. Kermit Gosnell is accused of murder of babies who were clearly born and were even crying before allegedly being killed. He also is accused of manslaughter of at least one woman. Many more women suffered needless complications from his shoddy practices that could hardly be called ‘medical’.

Karnamaya Mongar died while in Gosnell's 'care'.

Karnamaya Mongar died while in Gosnell’s ‘care’.

Set aside the abortion issue and infanticide for a moment, as horrifying as it is to know that he allegedly killed so many innocents both in and out of the womb.

Focus instead on the women he treated–or actually, failed to treat.

He allegedly lied to pregnant women about how far along in their pregnancies they were. This meant they were not properly informed about their own bodies, their babies, or the risks of late-term abortions.

He allegedly used rusty instruments (which harbor tremendous amounts of bacteria). He didn’t sterilize them properly. He didn’t use even the most basic medical equipment during the surgeries to properly monitor blood oxygen levels and blood pressure. He used teenagers to start IVs and administer sedation. At least one women, Karnamaya Mongar, was over-sedated with so much medication that she died on the table. Numerous other women who had abortions or other procedures at his clinic suffered severe infections and sterility.

Authorities found the body parts of babies stored throughout the clinic. The clinic itself was filthy dirty and had blood all over the place. There were cats roaming freely throughout the clinic–and cat urine and poop littering the place. I love my cats, but I’d never dream of letting them run around my office. Keeping the body parts of babies in jars is just sick and barbaric.

Ask yourself this: “Would I go to a bloody clinic with cat poop all over to have ANY procedure done with rusty, unsterile instruments?” Ask yourself if you’d let a loved family member go to a place like that. Ask yourself if ANY woman should be subjected to a supposed ‘doctor’ treating them with so much disrespect that he couldn’t bother himself to hire licensed professionals or even keep his instruments properly cleaned. How does this somehow become acceptable if it involves abortion? Defenders of women’s rights should be howling at this flagrant abuse of 16,000 women.

I’ve heard the ridiculous argument that ‘if abortion were more available, women wouldn’t have to endure this’. Horse hockey. Don’t make excuses for a man who preyed on vulnerable women to make a few extra bucks for himself–some $1.8 million per year. If this man is found guilty, he deserves to rot in jail the rest of his life for harming so many women in addition to killing babies. If a pediatrician had done this to children, the press would be screaming about the horror. Since this involves abortion, however, it’s been swept under the rug. We don’t want to accept that it’s happened. We don’t want to deal with it since it’s such a thorny moral issue for so many of us. If you believe that abortion should be legal (and I do in cases of rape or incest, or when a woman’s life is in imminent danger, though I would strongly advocate for adoption when possible), you should also believe that women need to be safe during the procedure. Any reasonable person who is strictly pro-life would agree that no woman should suffer at the hands of this alleged butcher.  Gosnell was allowed to mistreat women for YEARS before someone finally did something.

It doesn’t matter if you’re pro-life or pro-abortion. The women who suffered under this man’s ‘care’ deserve to be lifted up and supported by all of us, not ignored.

Rest in peace, Karnamaya Mongar.

Image source: USA Today