The Geeky Mom Uniform

So there I was in the store, buying underwear, wondering what kind to get. This came about because Jimbo had determined that it was now a requirement that all underwear shall be a. Free of holes and b. Thick enough so that light may not pass through freely. Suddenly about 5 sets of underpants disappeared, representing about 1/3 or more of my collection. I was informed, in fact, that Jimbo was not going to wash anymore of my underwear until I had purchased some more. I’m quite happy with comfortable underwear, even if it does have a small hole here or there. Holes do not bother me, unlike some of my family whose motto is “Don’t wear anything that you don’t want the ER nurses to see.” Apparently, they think the staff will be simply appalled at holes in underwear. I cheerfully point out that if they’ve gotten to the point in the ER where their underwear is in view, a. they’ll be too sick or injured to care, b. the staff is going to cut off the underwear anyway, and c. have seen so many naked body parts that they couldn’t care one iota. This does not make my family members feel any better.

Off I drove to the store, because while I do not mind underwear with holes, they still must be clean underwear with holes, and I do not like doing laundry. Since Jimbo had thrown out a whole bunch, I’d have to wash underwear like every 5 days or so, and that was just not an appealing thought.

I went to the usual ‘white cotton brief’ section, because that’s what I typically buy, when I actually buy underwear. It occurred to me that this must be a geeky mother thing. Let’s face it, white cotton briefs are not teh hawt and sexeh, which works pretty well since geeky mothers are not generally teh hawt and sexeh, either (and if you are a hawt and sexeh geeky mother, God bless you!!). White briefs may be geeky, but they’re also comfortable. They stay where they’re supposed to say, and they do not ride up in places where they should not. If I have to sit on my tushy at the computer, I am not going to sit on a bunched up wad of fabric. So, I bought 2 packages of white cotton briefs. I also broke out of the geeky mother stereotype and (shock of shocks!) bought some bikinis. In colors and patterns no less. If I ever end up in the ER, I think the nurses will make more comments about the bright polka dots than they would have ever made about a few holes. 😀