My New Namesake

A six-week-old kitten.Image via WikipediaYou know you’ve achieved some level of Geeky fame (or notoriety, I’m not quite sure which) when you have someone named after you.  In this case, the ‘someone’ is a very cute kitten, currently being fostered by online Trusty Friend, Kookee.  The kittens were dropped off on his front lawn a few days ago by someone who a. didn’t care about the fact that he was leaving helpless kittens on the side of a road, and b. was too stupid to call the local humane society or even animal control, either of which would have happily taken the tiny little fluff balls to a safe place.  If you have dogs or cats, the least you could do is spay/neuter them so that they can’t make little copies of themselves.  Contact your local humane society, because they often have discount programs to help.  If you can’t do that and you do end up with tiny ones, surrender them to animal control or the humane society or no-kill shelter, please. Don’t just dump them. That’s cruel, and people like that belong down in the 8th circle of Hell, ranking only slightly higher on the hell hierarchy than mass-murderers and child molesters. 

So, Trusty Friend Kookee, being the crazy guy that he is, has taken the kittens in to foster until he can find a good home for them.  You can see the kittens here on this Youtube channel: 

It is not always easy to tell what gender little kittens are, however, especially fuzzy ones like these two.  Kookee had named them “Bob and Jay”, thinking both were of the male persuasion.  Well, lo and behold, Jay turned out to be a girl, and Kookee’s first choice of renaming her? Why, name her after an online friend, of course, and change it from Jay to Jae!

Only in a Geeky Mom world could a friend I met in an online gaming forum, LucasForums, find out a kitten is female instead of male, and then name her “Jae Onasi”.  😀  If I weren’t living about 800 miles from Kookee, and in the middle of getting prepared for a cross-country move this summer, I’d adopt her myself.

It’s Adopt-a-Cat month.  Consider adopting a kitten or cat yourself, and if you aren’t able to, please make a donation to your local shelter.  They can always use cat and kitten food, cat litter, paper towels, and even your time or money.


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