Welcome Back!

As usual, life is crazy and raising teens sucks up a lot of time. We’ve been gaming, working on schoolwork, attending concerts and graduations, dealing with the occasional family emergency, hosting exchange students, and working. I’m still writing a fantasy novel, and it’s shaping up nicely! The genealogy bug bit me badly as well.

Within the next few months, our family will be picking up stakes from beautiful Pennsylvania to move to Florida. I’ve always told hubby that I wanted to retire there, so we’re getting there a few years early. One of the great disappointments I discovered was that the Optometry board in this state apparently has decided that Florida needs to have a ruthlessly restrictive time-gate on doctors and graduates moving in from other states. So, in May, they instituted one of the most onerous regulations I’ve ever seen in the fifty states: all people applying for a license after May 15th are now required to retake national boards. It doesn’t matter if the applicant took it only three months ago. It doesn’t matter if the applicant has over 20 years of experience, taught ophthalmology residents and published numerous journal articles. Nope. We all still have to jump through this ludicrous hoop–a hoop that costs $2700 and is offered only ONCE A YEAR. It’s beyond insulting. While I’m sure some of the Florida ODs are high-fiving themselves at the success of keeping the grave threat of highly qualified optometrists from other states at bay, I think it’s one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in the field. Fortunately, military bases are far more accommodating of licenses from other states, since they’re federal lands, so I hope to find an open position in one of their nearby facilities.

On the plus side, while I languish in national board hell, I can get a provisional teaching license in physics, biology, French, and history with absolutely no prior experience or education courses. I’ll be trusted to teach hundreds of high school students but not look at eyeballs. Yay! I’ve vowed to get elected to the board with the singular goal of getting rid of this idiotic regulation requiring retaking the boards for licensure.

In addition, I’m going to write about some products from time to time that might make us all geek out. Posts with affiliate links (like this one) will have the usual disclaimer. I am working on developing a marketing business through the Four Percent Group. If you’d like to learn how to monetize your blog to make money this week, just click this link. Feel free to contact me to ask questions.
Come join me!

My biggest project, besides licensure and surviving another cross country move, is to get my Gryffoniers novel published. It’s at 85,000 words and moving along beautifully. I joined a writer’s group here in town, and the folks in the group have offered amazing and invaluable advice and critiques. The non-fantasy members of the group are actually waiting for the next chapters every month. They are truly a wonderful group of friends. My goal after finishing the novel, besides starting the sequel, is to find an agent. If you all know a great agent who handles fantasy books, let me know!

Thanks for waiting so patiently for me to return. I look forward to geeking out with you all in the near future!

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