Contacting the State Board of Insurance=Success

Picture of the Ozark Mountains from Missouri S...Image via WikipediaMy, my.  It’s amazing what contacting the State Board of Insurance will do for speeding up our coverage process.

First, a big kudos to the State of Missouri for getting our “official” marriage license out to us so quickly, since the copy hubby and I have been carrying around for years apparently is “not official”.  I was about to leave the house to express mail the 9 dollar fee when the lady in the County Clerk officer told me ‘oh, it’s actually free for anyone in the military’.  So, she sent it out that very day, and I was able to email it to Wheaton Fransciscan 2 days later when it arrived.  That was awesome.

I found out that the State had forwarded my complaint to Wheaton Franciscan.  Not so surprisingly, 2 days later I received a letter saying my insurance had been terminated, despite the assurance over the phone just the day before the letter that we had a ‘grace period’ to get the paperwork in and that I wouldn’t be removed from the insurance.  I suspect that was their equivalent of flipping me the bird.

The day I got the ‘we’re flipping you the bird’ letter, I called WF again and said a polite version of “WTF????” The nice lady reassured me that we were still in the grace period, though I highly doubted it.  What’s on an erasable voice recording and what’s on paper are two different things.  Well, the day after I emailed the super-special marriage license with all the spiffy numbers, seals, and assorted other doo-dads required to make it “more authentic” than my copy, we got an email saying I’m covered after all. I suspect the complaint to the state expedited moving on our case more quickly. 

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