Happy New Year! Have You Un-Friended Anyone Yet?

Facebook logoImage via WikipediaHappy New Year to all!  I hope your holidays were wonderful.  We had a quiet Christmas with family, which was very nice.  My sister, who has been battling cancer all year, is done with her treatments and is now growing back her own hair, which is coming in very curly.  She looked really cute!  I had an insane New Year’s Eve where I worked 10 hours and saw something like 35 patients.  On the way to get something to eat out with the family after getting out ridiculously late, the horror that was 2010 was capped off by being hit from behind by an SUV, driven by a gal who was probably checking Facebook on her cell phone while driving.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, and she, thank God, was insured.  The van has been repaired very well.  

As a Geeky Mom, it is most wise, nay, essential, to have four things on the internet. 
1. Good anti-virus software (if you don’t have any, get some now! AVG and Avast have freeware versions at Download.com).
2. E-mail
3. Skype
4. Facebook

No, I do NOT play Farmville, despite Trusty Friend leXX’s insistence. I’m afraid if I start playing it, I’ll become addicted to it like I already am to LOTRO, Kotor, and STO.  It’s bad enough that I mash the buttons on my plastic Rock Band guitar or click the mouse on goblins or Romulans.  The last thing I need to do is click on cartoon chickens and corn.  Besides, I need to save my money for Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is supposed to come out some time this year.

Trusty Hubby does not use Facebook.  His theory is “If I want to know how someone is, I’ll phone them.”  He’s so 20th century.  

Anyway, I was checking my Facebook profile and reading friend messages the other day.  I discovered that Trusty Friend Acidrain had posted.  Yes, he really goes by that name, and no, he’s not an eco-freak, he’s Very Cool. I met him while working on the United Council of Fleets project last spring when it became clear that Star Trek Online‘s idea of ‘fleet play’ and the various fleets’ idea of ‘fleet play’ were light years apart from each other.  Trusty Friend Nova from my fleet, Lotus Fleet, headed up the project with several others, including Acidrain, who is one of the Admirals/Chief Troublemakers in the Brotherhood of the Risen Phoenix Fleet. We ended up doing a couple Gamers Lounge podcasts together for Outpostgamez.com and had a great time.  Acidrain talks faster than I do, which I didn’t think was possible, and he’s just as passionate about gaming, if not more so, which I also didn’t think was possible.  Check out the podcasts there, but be aware that the language occasionally gets a little on the ‘colorful’ side.

Apparently, there was a movement started at the end of 2010 to cut Facebook friends.  It even spawned a new verb: “unfriending”.  This supposedly was started by some comedian who had determined that he had too many of them.  I’m not entirely sure how you can have too many friends as a comedian.  That would be like me saying I had too much chocolate. 

Following along this trend, Acidrain announced that he was cutting out friends who had ‘not entertained him’.  He said he had even un-friended his own brother.  Somehow, despite Acid’s extremely high standards for humorous comments, I made the cut.  I’m not entirely sure how.  Nonetheless, as a Geeky Mom, I was secretly (read: openly) pleased that I had not been voted off the “Facebook Island”.  This is not unlike the time where I was asked by my teenage son’s friend if I would play Rock Band with them because I score fairly decently on guitar and am top-notch on vocals.  I felt like Sally Field winning the Oscar–“You like me! You really, really like me!” 

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