You know you’ve reached geeky family status when….

Who says women aren't geeks?Image via WikipediaI have officially reached geeky family status with certain members of my family. Now, mind you, as a confirmed Geek, I have had my share of experiences as being ‘second class’. We geeks are never in the “A-class” crowd in high school, it’s just one of those things we learn to live with, and even learn from as we grow up.  For the most part we adjust and grow and even flourish.  I wouldn’t be a medical professional, a mom of two great kids, and married for 2 decades without having learned a few things along the way–mostly that geeks marry geeks, produce geeky children and continue geeking out on things like video games, Star Wars, and Star Trek.  It’s a genetic thing, I’m sure. 

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One comment on “You know you’ve reached geeky family status when….

  1. Hi Jae! It's an unfortunate trick of genetics and social conditioning that we feel that family has to care for us more than they do – but as many of us discover in reality – things don't always pan out like that! The people I am most estranged with are my parents and sister, and whilst it is distressing at one level, I can most definitely say that it was a great load off my mind when I accepted that I felt and operated better by having them less in my life, and instead surrounding myself with people who actually cared by their actions, not just words or a sense of obligation. I'm sure you know you have a 'family beyond family' that thinks your super and did wish you all the best before, during and after your procedure :)Got around to playing AC2 yet? Brotherhood looks awesome… I saw 'constantinople' in a screenie and had a epic historyfanboy moment ;)stay in touch!H aka astro

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