How to Decorate a Walker, Geek Style

Late last week, in a fit of frustration that the physical therapist still wasn’t allowing me to ‘graduate’ to using a cane, the kids and I decided the walker required more ‘decor’. We took a trip over to Party City for cheap items and supplies (emphasis on ‘cheap’). The kids then helped me arrange the various new items on the walker, and we scotch-taped them all in place.
I knew we’d achieved ‘Cheezy success’ when Trusty Hubby arrived home from work, took one look at it, and declared, “I am NOT going to be seen with THAT in public.”
Anyway, here are some pics of the final product.

The front view:

My view–the black thing on the left side is a bulb for a horn. The dog keeps confusing it with his squeaker toy since they sound remarkably alike.

Yes, even the wheels got pimped with some star stickers:

Yes, that is a warp nacelle on the horizontal bar, though it’s taken a bit of water damage in the rain over the past few weeks. Of course there’s one on the other side, too. You can’t be unbalanced on your warp nacelles, you know. That would just be silly. The “One Way” sticker is for those who might possibly be confused about the direction a walker must take (yes, I have that much faith in some peoples’ intelligence levels). It works well with the Scooby Doo sticker that my daughter got at the doctor’s office after a routine visit. She felt they’d look best right above the wheels.

View of the left side of the walker, including the reflective cardboard blue horn, which I’ll save for New Year’s noisemaking:

Here’s the view of the sign that Trusty Friend Sabretooth created and which we copied, printed out, put in a plastic page protector, and then attached to the walker with left over twisty-ties from loaves of bread. And yes, that is a Pokeball attached to it. There’s also some weird creature that is attached on the other side because my daughter ‘liked it and thought it would look good there’. I never argue with my 9 year old daughter in matters of taste and decorum.

Of course, no walker would be complete without light up features. You have no idea how hard it was to find a a really cheap battery powered string of flashing lights (emphasis on ‘cheap’). Fortunately, the light-up lei worked as a good substitute, and the flashing “Princess” pin looks suitably gaudy when lit up.

Just in case you were dying to know, the Pokeball contains a Shaymin. I know your day would not have been complete without informing you of that fact.

No self-respecting sci-fi geek would be caught dead without a Star Wars Pez dispenser. I was hoping to find a Yoda Pez dispenser, but R2D2 was a good second choice. There are cherry-flavored Pez inside, in case you were just dying to know.

My physical therapist finally graduated me to a cane after laughing hysterically at the added decorations.

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2 comments on “How to Decorate a Walker, Geek Style

  1. That looks awesome Jae!Hope your recovery is speeding along. I'm not at LFN anymore but I hope you'll stay in touch! Also, thanks for having my 'Three Pipe Problem' in your blogroll!Playing AC2 yet??Kind RegardsH Niyazi (aka Astro)

  2. You are probably healed up by now! But just incase your other readers come across this and want to decorate their wheelchair, walker, crutches, orthopedic cast, cane or whatever, I thought I'd share this cool site.www. shrinkins .com There are a tbunch of styles that can help people bring out personality and get away from BORING devices!I've used them, they are cool! What is really great to is that I could sanitize it and when I was done, they came right off and it wasn't a hassle removing them!I hope this information jazz's up someones life!

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