Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to tweet in Klingon!

‘oH ghaH QaQ jaj DaqjaH!!
(Today is a good day to tweet!)
I was browsing the Star Trek Online forum, mostly because I play Star Trek Online, when I saw this in the drop down list of choices on the site: “Tweet in Klingon“. As someone who has the official Klingon-English/English-Klingon Dictionary and tried to actually learn Klingon at one point, of course I felt compelled to check this out and see if it really works. It does. The site will cheerfully translate for you and then post your tweet in a few easy steps.

You, too, can have the opportunity to say such worthy things as “Your mother has a smooth forehead!”, “Your ship is a garbage scow!”, “My targ ate my homework,” and “Where can I get my shoes cleaned?”. There are then the important phrases such as “Where is the bathroom?” and “I’m lost.” However, my favorite is “pa’ ‘oH tlhIngan ‘op naDev” (“there are Klingons around here”) and the every-important “cha’ margaritas, tIv” (“two margaritas, please”).

SoH Sov you’re geek DI’SoH jaH DaqtlhIngan.

(You know you’re a geek when you tweet in Klingon)

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