This is what I get for staying up late gaming….

Since Lord of the Rings Online is updating to Book 8 today, I stayed up late last night collecting goodies and other things that I know are going to get changed for the better according to the release notes. In fact, it appears the game’s subscriber base is actually increasing–not bad for a 2 year old game.

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What did this mean? I stayed up until about 2am gaming, in anticipation of the LOTRO servers being offline for about 6 hours today (5-11am my time) while they update the game for the major release. My theory at 1 am was that I would be able to sleep late while the game was updating, and then I wouldn’t feel like I was missing so much time from the game. After all, I’d be sleeping through most of the time they were offline.

This would not normally be an issue since it’s summer time and I can sleep in. Of course, this is assuming, that I didn’t have kids who decided to have a fight at the bottom of my bedroom stairs at 7:49 am. I awoke to screams of “Mine! Mine! Mine!” Now, mind you, this was not the cute kind of “Mine! Mine! Mine!” that the gulls called out in the movie “Finding Nemo“. If you have not seen Finding Nemo, go rent it or buy it–it’s hilarious.

No, this was not the cute gull-Mine. This was the obnoxious, ear-splittling tantrum-child “MINE!!!!!!!!” It’s the kind of “MINE!!!!!!!” that makes you wonder what possessed you to ever have unprotected sex in the conscious decision to procreate.

What where they fighting about? A 6 year old stuffed calico cat. I am not kidding. Why they decided at that time of day to fight over a stuffed piece of fake fur with cheesy plastic eyes, I don’t know. I came downstairs to see them both lying on the ground wrestling over the darn thing. In no uncertain terms, I declared the cat was now MINE!!!!!!! and dragged myself over to the coffee pot, because further sleep wasn’t going to happen. My Trusty Hubby, God bless him, had started a pot earlier that morning, and it was nice and hot. It was the only positive to waking up that early.

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