An Uber-geek moment

OK, I had an uber-geek moment tonight reading through a laptop thread on The Lost Haven forums. This would have been geeky enough–we’re a. talking laptops on b. a computer gaming site, and c. the subject of sex (and/or lack thereof) came up. People rounded it out with discussions of graphics cards, the necessity of Pepsi and/or wine during a raid, and chocolate, which means the thread officially reached Perfect Geek Status. I think the only thing that could possibly have made it more geeky was the inclusion of pocket protectors, a 4-color pen, and/or a Dungeons and Dragons reference. That would have made it “Immortal Godly Geeky”, which might have been too much for most of us mere mortals to handle, however.

Anyway, the discussion ended up morphing from “help Trusty Friend Burnetto figure out if he should replace his desktop with this laptop” into “what’s more sexy, laptops or smartphones?” As we all know, anything that involves the discussion of the amount of RAM must, by definition, be sexy to True Geeks. Naturally, I had to jump in at this juncture and point out that if you want to be uber-geeky-sexy, you simply use a smartphone to look up the Gamefaqs Neverwinter Nights 2 Stronghold guide while playing Neverwinter Nights 2 on your laptop at work. I made sure to post this from my laptop while lying in bed watching The Clone Wars with the rest of the family. My Trusty Hubby made sure to point out that since I had both a laptop and a smartphone, he had all the luck…. 😀

However, since he did not post that a. from a laptop or b. during a Star Wars media presentation, he does not get the same number of geek points. I’ll get him trained yet.

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