A True Hero

A flock of geese flew up suddenly, catching in both engines of a US Airways jet only a minute after takeoff today. The engines caught on fire, and the pilot, Chesley Sullenburger, realized the plane would not be able to make it to the nearest airport. The only other option was to land in the Hudson river. The pilot banked the plane, and with no power, glided down the river and landed with such pinpoint control that the airplane stayed intact. The staff and passengers stayed composed and evacuated immediately onto the wing and into life rafts. Captain Sullenburger went up and down the plane twice to make sure everyone had evacuated before he himself left the craft. The Coast Guard, some tugboats, and a number of ferries immediately responded and reached the plane within minutes. A steel cable was run through the 2 front doors and tied to the tugboats, keeping the plane afloat so that people could get onto the Coast Guard boats and ferries. There were some injuries, but none were serious, thank God. I saw the coverage live, and I got chills watching the amazing response. Congratulations to all the Coast Guard, rescue workers, Good Samaritans, the passengers themselves, the flight crew, and especially Captain Sullenburger. You saved 155 people’s lives today.

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