Happy Memorial Day!!

I hope you had a good time today with family and friends. The family and I spent the day sleeping in, and then doing some yardwork to get ready to plant our petunias and sweet william. We also grilled out like every American does, and then played some D&D as a family in the evening. We had a happy geeky time advancing through our game and killing off hobgoblins and other monsters.

Doing yardwork, of course, meant that I went on a weed search-and-destroy mission. I loathe, despise, hate, and otherwise bear negative sentiments towards creeping charlie, and I gleefully sprayed Round-up all over the obnoxious little viney things. I couldn’t decide today which was more evil–the creeping charlie or Trusty Nemesis (and Friend) Emperor Devon from Lucasforums. I bet Emperor Devon will send me a pot of creeping charlie just because he’s ornery that way. He makes an excellent Nemesis. 😀

While I was busy being the one-woman hunter-killer unit in the backyard theater employing my weapons of destruction upon the weeds, I thought about all the people in my family who are serving or have served in the military. Jimbo, of course, is in the Reserves and has been called up in the past (stateside thank goodness). My dad spent four years in the Navy. My great-uncle Fred, both my grandfathers, and Jimbo’s father, who had passed away before Jimbo and I met, all served in World War II. My great-uncle Kenneth was killed in action in April 1945 fighting against the Germans. He was awarded the Silver Star posthumously to go with the many other medals he’d earned in that war. I think about him every Memorial Day. I hope you remember our men and women in uniform, past and present, too.

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