Online purchasing

I am officially in love with online purchasing. That’s saying a lot because I’m geeky enough to just about hate shopping. My sisters don’t understand how I can go into a store, look at two things, try them on if they’re clothes, and leave, preferably in under 12 minutes. Meandering around browsing through racks of items drives me crazy. Every time I go shopping with them, I take a bunch of clothes into the changing room and stay there for about a half hour or so. They think I’m having quality mirror time admiring all those blouses, skirts, and slacks, and they beam at me when I finally emerge with something new on. I can virtually hear them thinking “Ah, we’ll make her less geeky yet!!”

What they don’t know is that I take about eight things back with me, only two of which I’ll actually try on. I try one on right away in case they come looking for me. After all, they’d be suspicious if I was still in my regular clothes. Then I sit down, pull a book out of my purse, and read for a half hour while they go get their shopping fix. When I think enough time has passed or they come looking for me, I’ll say “Oh, just a minute!” and shake some hangers or rearrange a couple of the clothes. I reluctantly leave my temporary haven, making sure the tag on the new clothing shows prominently just so they know that yes, it really is new. They’re happy, I’m happy, and no one’s the wiser. Until they actually read this, and then I’m hosed. 🙂

You can buy just about anything online you could ever think of, and some things you probably shouldn’t. I don’t even have to get out of my jammies to shop, and the stores are open at the ungodly hour of 1:24 am. Plus there’s the added benefit of shopping with a computer, which makes my geeky heart very happy.

I recently bought three Lacuna Coil albums and two Evanescence albums from iTunes, and three Within Temptation CDs from amazon because iTunes doesn’t have Within Temptation, tragically. Just a few clicks, and boom, insta-music. Only problem is, just a few clicks, and boom, insta-account drain. It’s very, very easy to overdo it. It’s no sweat to buy if you don’t have to enter anything. You don’t think about the money disappearing from your account if you just make a few clicks to select items. You only think about it if you actually write a check, swipe your card, or, heaven forbid in this modern age, actually give the clerk (hushed voice) cash. I’ve determined that to cut my online purchasing I should just delete the cookies on those sites. That way my information isn’t stored by the sites ‘for my convenience’. If I have to go find my purse, pull out my card, enter 16 credit card digits, a 4 digit expiration date and the 3 digit security code on the back of my card, I’m less likely to actually work that hard to buy something. Of course, this might be a good theory if I didn’t have all that stuff memorized anyway. 😀 Ah well. I’m off to browse amazon now.

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