Confessions of a Geeky Mom…..

I’ve been a geek most of my life. How many fourth-grade girls do you know collected rocks instead of stuffed animals or wrote a fan letter to the meteorologist on the local news station? Thirty years later, I’m not any better (or worse, depending on your point of view 🙂 ). In fact, I think most of my family thinks I’m weirder than ever. I’m not the black sheep of the family, I’m the tech-silver one. Someday they’ll get used to the fact that I think the latest Star Wars EU novel is much cooler than the latest style in open-toed shoes.

I’ve been married 17 years and been a mom for about 10 years. There are ups and downs like any relationships do, and I love all of it. Okay, maybe not changing the dirty diapers, but that’s another subject. My husband is geek enough to be able to do some serious upgrading on our computers (plural, yes) and yet still love non-geeky Manly Tools, like the Table Saw and the Bench Grinder. My kids are in some ways more tech-savvy than I am, and they’re definitely ‘growing up geek’. Know any nine-year-olds who play computer games with both their parents and love it? Or listen to their mom read the latest chapter she wrote in her Star Wars fanfiction? They’re doomed. That’s okay, though. The world needs to be spiced up with a few more tech-silver sheep.

4 comments on “Confessions of a Geeky Mom…..

  1. Ahh, I can’t bring myself to give you a hard time as usual on your first blog. I’ll refrain from criticizing you for once. 😛 Amusing article, though you left out playing Dungeons & Dragons with your kids. 😀

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